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What Professional Hookers Really Want!

So, it’s looking like writing pattern reviews will be a little difficult during the busiest time of the year.  The cooler weather and the holidays fast approach and I’ve had a sudden influx of orders.  This is great for me but not so great when I get a request for an item that I’ve never made from a particular designer before.  Why is that no so great?  I’ve got an order, right?  Well, it can be a real bummer when I find out, after struggling and cursing and frogging and cursing some more, that the pattern is so poorly written that I’ve just wasted precious time I could have used to actually complete an order and have it shipped out.

Too often in the last month, I’ve come across patterns that are completely useless to me.  More often that not, I end  up revising the pattern myself and hope for a close resemblance to the actual pattern photo.  Yes, I know.  We’ve all come across these patterns at least once if we crochet for family and fun and more than once if we crochet for profit, but what makes this most surprising to me is that the patterns I’ve had the most trouble with lately have come from the ‘big name’ designers.  I won’t mention any names but if you are a serious crocheting maniac like me, I’ll bet that the first two or three that pop into your head is the first two or three I am also thinking of.

Since I try to be as positive as possible on this blog, instead of ranting about what I’ve come across, I will just supply my Hooker’s Wish List which is a list of what I’d like to see from all designers.  I believe you will be able to identify with at least one and possibly more of my wish list items.  I’d love to hear what you’d put on your own list so please leave a comment if you want to sound off.  So, without further ado, here’s my Hooker’s Wish List:

1. I wish every pattern included every size from newborn to adult.  I’m not a fan of having to purchase two different patterns for the same item if I want to make it in all sizes.

2.  I wish every pattern used increase stitches to change the size of the item and did not just change the hook size.

3.  I wish every pattern was sent through an intensive testing by several testers before being released.  So many errors could be avoided by simply taking the time to allow a fresh set of eyes and hands, or preferably several fresh sets of eyes and hands, have a look and a hook before the pattern is put up for sale.  It may take extra time to get the pattern released but just think of all the emails you won’t have to answer about pattern errata!

4.  I wish every designer would understand that only the written patterns and the photos advertising the patterns are copyrighted to them, not the finished item.  I will not purchase a pattern if it ‘disallows’ sales of the finished item which brings me to my next wish.

5.  I wish cottage licenses were illegal.  Yes, I’m radical.  Make those suckers illegal.  Why should someone continue to profit from my labors and limit the number of items I can sell?
And that brings me to my next wish yet again.

6.  I wish all designers would very clearly disclose their policies on finished items in their listings wherever those listings are sold.  There is nothing worse than purchasing a pattern only to discover that you are not allowed to sell it on the internet or at all.  I’ve had to email a few designers lately to ask them if they allow sales of finished items because if they don’t, I don’t purchase, thank you very much.

7.  I wish that when I do find a problem in a pattern and have to email the designer, that the designer will get back to me promptly so that I can continue with my work.  I also wish for a copy of the revised pattern if changes have to be made and I don’t want to have to monitor the designer’s page constantly to learn of pattern errata.  I don’t always see every post from every crochet page I’m a fan of on Facebook.  I have over 800 ‘likes’ now!

So, those wishes aren’t too numerous or unreasonable.  At least not in my mind.  What about you?  What do you wish for?  Do you disagree with any of my wishes?  I’d love to hear from you!

And now, for closers, a shameless plug for my newest hat creation in my Hattie Hooker shop.   Check out my Super Groovy Rover helmet.  I may release the pattern for this one of these days!

And for those that don’t want to visit my shop, here’s a teaser photo:

Until next time, get your crochet on!

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